Featured Project

Nikwasi Mound & Plaza 

Location: Franklin, North Carolina

Date: 2015

Services: Master Planning

     Dating back to the Mississippian Period (800-1100 A.D.), the Nikwasi Mound is a significant cultural site for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  The mound was built by Cherokee ancestors as a platform and prominent location for the village council house.  The mound has been under threat of nearby commercial encroachment and human destruction for many years.  

     Zeke Cooper was part of the master planning team tasked with creating the master plan for the area around the mound.  The new plaza and surrounding elements will help protect the mound and allow visitors to learn more about the site, it's significance and history; all while not disturbing it further.

Nikwasi Plaza Plan
Nikwasi Mound View
Nikwasi Plaza View
Nikwasi Existing Site Study
Nikwasi Kiosk Concept